Dreams Come True

I´m fulfiling my dreams. Come join me. I will help you with it.

"I am fulfilling my dreams. Come join me! I will help you with it."


From the moment that I realized it is possible to fulfil my dreams, my life has turned for the better. I came to faith and hope for a better, happier and more loving world.


I had dreams as a little girl, I wanted to be a dancer and as an adult, I saw that dream come true. For that reason, my dance is something extraordinary – it was the first conscious proof that it is possible to implement dreams and visions. Every human is a miracle, every human has their missions and talents, with which they can make the world more beautiful. For me, dreams and visions are fundamental; I see in them the meaning of my life. Through my life and artistry, I want to share with you this secret, magical essence, which springs from them. Dreams and visions are here for us in literally the form of a fantastic, but truly magical wand, with which it is necessary to but gesture, and we become the magicians of our own destiny.

Freela dance


Freela Dance is not only my own new, original dance style; for me, it is more – the materialization of the courage, creativity and journey that I have travelled to the point that I can allow myself to implement my life in the way that it was given to me: without masks, labels, social inheritance and unconscious systems. It is a life that is clear, clean and shining as the Sun in a cloudless sky, with the courage and strength to live truth and joy.

When I lead a commercial dance school many years ago, I was not satisfied for a long time. I felt empty inside, and had no joy from looking into a mirror and practicing the same moves over and over – I felt like a trained monkey in a straightjacket. I wanted to be free in my expression. At that time, I did not yet understand how to arrange it, but there was only one way to get started. That was to end what was not working for me, and start over by stepping into the unknown, looking for what was calling me, what I felt in my heart, motivated by intuition and a hunger for freedom. Seeking, experimenting and discovering took me several years, and it was not easy. I had a tendency to return to my old ways, which, although non-functional, were nonetheless familiar. It is an easy trap to fall into. But wisdom prevailed over deviousness, and love over fear. We are born with dreams, they are in us from time immemorial, but sometimes we suffocate them to the point that we have trouble re-awakening them. But I think we can change that. Take the direct path to our goal, live our dreams and help others realize their dreams. That is the path of an aware society. That is the image of a contented people. That is Freela Dance.


Journey with Luna

I have met both life and death, good and bad people, suffering and joy, love and hate; I have visited both heaven and hell, and the sea, which I adore… What have I learned about life from all these experiences?

Life – that is energy. We determine its quality with our thoughts and deeds. We create our world. In 2008, I had a vision to create a set of cards, and ten years later, I finished them. They contain my teachings, understanding, wisdom, creativity, vision and love. I created them for you. They hold 81 images of mystical symbolism and inspirational texts. Their quotations, symbolism, motivational exercises and mission strengthen your own positive vibrations, help you with your physical and psychic health, and support your individuality and your unwavering determination to present yourself through your authentic and joyful life.

2. Egyptian Cat
6. Prophetees
78. Radiant Egypt
79. Beings
80. Enlightened Partners
81. Revived Pharaoh
77. Birth of the World
76. Bliss
75. Predetermined
74. Accolade to the Sun
73. Guardians
72. New Life
71. Fulfilled Dreams
70. Shaman
69. High Priest
68. Sea
67. Intuition
66. Rainbow Tree
65. Strength of Nature
64. Healing Hands
63. Self-made Man
62. Highest Frequency
61. Meditation
60. Cupid
59. New Dimension
58. Ignition
57. Conscious Player
56. Civilization
55. Blue Astrologer
54. Archangel Michael
53. Telepathy
52. Golden Phoenix
51. Love
50. Star
49. Zen
48. Queen of Bees
45. Fulfilment od Fate
29. Jewish Princess
47. Ritual
46. Initiation
44. Butterflies
43. Consciousness
42. Miracle
41. Enlightened Monarchs
40. Journey
39. Self - Confidence
38. Tenderness
37. Mystical Prague
36. Home
35. Rise
34. Painter
33. Fated Partners
32. Bear with Princess
31. Peace Reigns
30. Time
28. Aura of Love
27. King of the Sun
26. Shaman Sisters
25. White Hawk
24. Queen of the Forest
23. Family
22. Ferryman
21. Fortune
20. Equilibrium
19. God´s Eye
18. Dolphins
17. Mountain
16. Cross
15. King
14. Queen
13. Prince
12. Princess
11. Child
10. Buddhaś Wheel
9. Magus
8. Gemini
7. Key of Luna Isis
1. Birth of Goddess
5. White Unicorn
4. Red Dragon
3. Joining