Welcome to my world, full of fantasy, art, beauty, mysticism and fulfilled dreams. I am an artist, visionary, lover of sun, sea, good food, music and dance. My life’s missionis to create a paradise here on earth with love, empathy, play-fullness, abundance and freedom . Life is my greatest teacher, which teaches me wisdom and what is truly important and functional.




Joint Exhibitions, 1998 - 2018 

Divadlo pod Palmovkou, Prague

Gallery Paleta, Karlovy Vary

Divadlo Skelet, Prague

Makromolekulární ústav, Prague

Loreta, Kosmonosy

Jazzová sekce, Prague

ABF, Prague

Staroměstská radnice, Prague

Topičův salon, Prague

Solo Exhibitions

Radost FX, Prague, 2018

Gallery Velryba, Prague, 2018

Gallery Školská 28, Prague, 2017

Jazz Section, Prague, 2016

Kávovárna Lucerna, Prague, 2015

Zámek Benátky nad Jizerou, 2000





I've been following the creations of Luna for a long time. Her images are stamped by her rich life of mysticism, meditation, shared emotions, fantasies ...

Especially in her newest images, we encounter an appeal to poetism, which is closest to me personally.

I wish her much inspiration; she is on a good path.

Monika Hauptvogel

Supervisor and coach

"The exhibition of the Gold and White for me was absolutely fascinating. I liked the images from the first viewing, but the more I looked at the images and the longer I was in their presence, the more I understood and felt the size, depth, and energy that radiate from them, and fill me with joy, peace and harmony."

Martin Chocholoušek


"The work of the artist Luna Isis I have known for only a short time, but I'm very intrigued. Her current exhibition Gold & White was for me an introduction to her eye-catching artwork, which forces to the viewer into a dream-like contemplation."

Michael Turek


cards such as Mirror and Inspiration - it seems as if I always pull the right card for what I'm dealing with, and then I see that it does not only seem that way - the cards really fall into place when I truly feel them, so I am pleasantly surprised at how well they work. I like the motivational exercises, which are sometimes quite a challenge, because they force the questioner to focus on the problem itself, which is often exactly what they are avoiding. They have helped me several times; they are a valuable inspiration to me... thanks

Vojtěch Kotouč

IT Specialist

Useful stuff - I always liked the quantum state of uncertainty before drawing out one of the thoroughly shuffled cards, whether at play or at a later time, when interpreting Tarot cards. Cards from the workshop of Lune Isis are for me a friendly, gentle and playful alternative to the usual Whist and Tarot cards. Originally, I purchased the cards as a gift for my mother, but I also found in them a daily companion on my own spiritual and practical journey.

Alex Merricks

California, Cognitive Fitness Development

Luna Isis is a true inspiration in dance. When I first saw her performances, it was clear to me that this is an extraordinary talent. Watching her dance fills the soul with happiness and joy. She awakens inspiration in the heart as you see and feel her passion in motion. Just one performance and you also fall in love with this amazing artist.

Dagmar S

Motivational cards from Luna breathe into you true and honest love, spirituality, ethericity, desire to help others, the need to improve the world. The cards themselves are art. Thank You, Luna!


lectures by Luna Isis

Evening lecture was great – Even though I am 61 years old, it spoke strongly to me, and showed me many things that I can yet accomplish.


lectures by Luna Isis

For me was the lecture was a huge inspiration to examine my own life.

Nada Eretová

editor-in-Chief of the editorial staff of education in Wolters Kluwer ČR

FINE ART: Exceptional, poetic, positive, uplifting, motivating, uncategorized, inspiring and surprising, such is the creation of Luna.


DANCE: Exceptional all-round talent, that is not born every day. Dance courses led by LIM added a pleasant spice to life, and allowed me to forget everyday worries. Her energy pulls you along with her into a world of graceful movements and dreaming. Perforce you succumb to her belief that every woman is beautiful and in each woman slumbers a dancer. And she, with her indomitable vitality awakens this slumbering dancer. This makes her dance lessons exceptional.


lectures by Luna Isis

The lecture was pleasant and positive. It would be nice if we were all someday happy.


lectures by Luna Isis

Fine - I realized that I myself in my actual wishes neglect myself.


lectures by Luna Isis

You were amazing, truthful. You are a person with a capital P. I had a similar experience as you, but I can't yet work with it. Thanks for a beautiful lecture, and for the opportunity to meet you.


lectures by Luna Isis

Thank you, I went through a similar story. After this lecture, I have the feeling that I can advance myself, not only in my personal life, but also in my creative work. Thank you again, and I wish you good luck and success.