Porcelain painting - it has been love at first sight.

Porcelain in Bohemia, my native country, is a traditional art, beginning back in the 18th century. Czech porcelain is admired and loved all over the world. In 2018, during the occasion of the 100th anniversary of this country's founding, I had the honor and privilege of presenting my first porcelain creations, at the extensive and representative Prague fair titled FLOWERS – 100 year odyssey, which hosted the creations of twenty-six renowned Czech artists. Painting on porcelain – for me, love at first sight. I adore exploring new materials, and porcelain was a completely new medium for me, allowing a great variety of expression. Relief painting, or using Chinese soluble salts, reminiscent of aquarelle, luster, which allows creation of a magical rainbow effect, and for the first time, I also painted with real gold. I do not perceive porcelain to be simply a medium, relegated to decorative and functional duties. I accepted this ceramic material purely artistically; I approach each creation with humility and a sense of responsibility, which in me always accompanies playfulness and the joy of creating something beautiful.